Rotating Earth

I'm a Dutch multidisciplinary designer & developer based in Los Angeles, passionate about shaping the future of the web. Previously worked with Mollie, Framer, and WeTransfer. Always seeking opportunities to work with talented individuals and companies I admire.

Join the celebration of design with, a community of designers who share their work, offer feedback, and vote on the best designs every day. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, offers a supportive and collaborative space to showcase your creativity.


Opslan makes it easy to save and rediscover websites that inspire you. With our visually stunning and fully searchable library, you can quickly archive your favorite sites and keep them organized for future reference. Say goodbye to cluttered bookmarks and hello to effortless archiving with Opslan.


Say hello to the future of digital archiving with Shuttle. Our app allows you to encrypt and store files on the storage provider of your choice, giving you the peace of mind that comes with end-to-end encryption. Plus, Shuttle eliminates the need for an external hard drive, making it a simple and seamless solution for all your archiving needs.


As the lead designer of Worlds, I've developed a one-stop platform that empowers top creators to own their community. With features like Board, Chats, 3D Space (metaverse), and commerce tools, including ticket and merch sales, Worlds gives your community a home they can call their own.


At Moment, we're dedicated to providing creators with an innovative platform to host and sell digital ticketed events. With features like group viewing, real-time reactions, and seamless streaming, we offer an elevated and immersive experience to both creators and their audience. Plus, our easy-to-use platform gives creators full control over their events.

With Checkout, you can transform a simple payment form into a professional, branded experience without any coding. Our user-friendly platform is designed to inspire trust and drive conversions, making it the perfect solution for anyone looking to enhance their payment process.

As the platform for frontend developers, Vercel offers the speed and reliability you need to bring your ideas to life. Our homepage showcases the power of our platform, featuring a sleek and intuitive design that highlights our innovative features and benefits.

Say goodbye to Figma's default light theme with Dark Figma. Our Mac app offers a sleek and stylish dark mode that's perfect for designers who prefer a more muted color palette. With Dark Figma, you can take your design game to the next level.

At backendlessConf_, we're celebrating the makers, products, and ecosystem driving the JAMstack movement. With frontend teams taking ownership of entire product development workflows, our event provides a space to network, learn, and showcase the latest tools and technologies. Join us in celebrating the future of web development!

Finding and setting up subtitles has never been easier thanks to Caption. Our multi-platform, open-source app uses drag-and-drop search and automatic downloading and renaming to make watching your favorite shows and movies effortless. Plus, Caption is built entirely on web technology, so you can enjoy seamless and hassle-free captioning on any device.